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The coldest place Chaukul is neighborhood of Amboli village. A new concept of Gram tourism so called (Village Tourism) is taking place in Chaukul rural area. Chaukul biodiversity, heavy rainfall & waterfalls is as similar as Amboli and have always been scattered in the fog. For rain lovers Chaukul is nothing less than paradise on earth, one wet paradise that will keep your spirits chilled and cool during your vacation in this hill station. After completion of Sindhudurg district proposed route (Chaukul – Kumbhavade – Talkat) Chaukul will be the adventures point for three neighboring states Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka tourists and travelers.

Chaukul is known as a village of unity and ancestral tradition is still being followed by current young generation. The people here is progress in their own lifestyle with preserving their ancestral culture. This amazing village is also environmentally perfect place. there are many beautiful tourist attractions point in surrounding area. There are various types of species of animals which are constantly seen in nearby place. Kudo Payli, Gawsadyache Pathar (Plateau), Khambadyache pathar (Plateau), Khambadyachi tali (Pond), Shirgaonkar point are surrounded area of Nenewadi Gram. Lord Bheemas Footprint, kavle and ira Waterfall which are located in kumbhavde surrounded area, it is about 3 km away from chaukul village.

About 40 to 45 small caves recently have been found in Chaukul area. Some caves are very magnificent. In the same way, If there is do research at this area, there will be found some history in the area of caves. Interested cave researcher can be use this cave for research. Perennial Trekking can be done here at any season. Night safari also available to take a look at the wild animals. Chaukul gets exceedingly high rainfall and it is fun to experience the rain on the sloping hills, while driving on the curves of the Ghat. This dense forest having raging snake, frogs, birds, butterflies and other animals and various rare plants. There are many types of herbs that can be found in this area. Chaukul village is surrounded by grass forests and the biological diversity.

Per Daynight
– 3000 /- (Couples)
– 5000 /- (Family with child) max 5 person)
– Depends on Groups Person

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    Chaukul-Kumbhvade village is a friendly tourist attraction and is a tourist destination. This peaceful village has history. This place is naturally suited for solitude tourism. Strawberries have been planted here for some years. This is why Chaukul-Kumbhvade is also known as strawberries village. But there is no market available for selling strawberries and therefore strawberries farming does not successful grownup here. Strawberries will be planted and the market will be available, only once the tourists are traveling from here. This village lies in the Sahyadri Mountain range of majestic Western Ghats. This village having various scenes, various colorful flowers and have always been scattered in the fog. Now the reputation of this village will spread far and tourist can take advantage of the tourism destination place of Chaukul-Kumbhvade.